Welcome Back to Term 4!

Welcome back to Term 4.

It is a very exciting and busy term with the 44th Annual Art and Craft Show this weekend. Last Saturday we had over forty volunteers that came in to help out in a multiple of ways to get our school ready for the show. We are so grateful to all the parents for the time and energy that is put into creating such an awesome event. I look forward to seeing you all in your ‘touch of Bollywood’ at Opening Night or during the show.

The K-2 Swimming Program is going really well. You might notice that your child is more tired than usual and early nights are a must during the swim program. Please remind your child about the importance of having all of their belongings each day as well as the importance of being responsible for these belongings at all times. This is a really great opportunity to encourage independence and responsibility for your child. Don’t forget, everyone likes to be rewarded for their efforts and the best reward can be a smile and words of praise!

While Year 5 & 6 enjoyed their fabulous visit to Canberra Year 4 enjoyed a couple of days in the Peace Garden – what a treat!

Our big blue blocks have arrived and year 3 are loving the opportunity to be creative builders and look what they built during wet weather lunch using KAPLA blocks!