Welcome to Wellbeing Week

As you might know this week is Wellbeing week.

On Monday, students wrote nice letters to a teacher to make their day with how good they are at teaching or a picture or two.

On Tuesday, the students had the opportunity to guess how many lollies are in the lolly jar. They weren’t charged any money, it was just a fun activity since it was Wellbeing week!

On Wednesday, We are doing mindfulness colouring during class. This activity is to calm and relax them with some colouring.

On Thursday, they will do some races and activities with all of their friends!!! It will be a fun and enjoyable time as this doesn’t normally occur during school.

On Friday, the Wellbeing team decided it will be nice to end the week with a dance party!!! They will dance around while playing whole school activities like playing with hula hoops, running around etc.


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