Wellbeing Week

This week is Wellbeing Week! The students do not have any homework this week, and there have been a variety of fun activities for them to participate in throughout the week.

On Monday, a dance party was held in the front playground.

On Tuesday, there was a skipping and hula-hooping session.

On Wednesday, there was chalk for the students to draw with, and they had a great time decorating the playground!

On Thursday, the students will receive a sheet of paper with the names of all the students in their class, and will write one nice thing about each student next to their name.

On Friday, the students and teachers will have a sports competition with lots of fun games including an egg and spoon race, a sack race, and a running race!

From the Year 6 Communications Team

Thank you to our Year 6 Well Being Leaders for giving the St Thomas students great morning tea and lunchtime activities this week. We’ve all had a lot of fun.





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