Worm Cafe Opens at St Thomas

Last week the Year 6 Environment Team set up our worm cafe farm on the school grounds. The worms are living behind the Peace Garden and they will help to reduce the school’s wastage by eating food scraps and organic matter.

Each class has been given a scraps bucket to put worm food in, and bins will be placed on the playground too.

Students have been enthusiastic and interested in the farm with comments like “I think it’s a good idea to get people interested in helping the environment” said Yr 6 student Sam W.

The worms are the first step in a Nude Food initiative to help make St Thomas more environmentally friendly.

As well as correctly sorting food into the right bins, students are encouraged to bring reusuable plastic containers instead of single use plastic, and to put their rubbish in the bin!

If the project is a succes and is working well, we may be able to get some more worm farms in the future.

By Abby B, Hannah C, Sophie H






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