Year 4 Science

In Science 4B and 4Y have been learning about friction. For an experiment we tested the movement of spheros. A Sphero is a sphere shaped little robot controlled remotely by our IPads. In groups of 3 we used our spheros on three different surfaces, to see which one travelled the fastest (had the least amount of friction). In our recordings we found that carpet had the most friction and the soft fall in the forest had the least. After we timed the spheros on the surfaces, we completed an investigation planner to discuss and observe our results.

Another activity we did about friction was when we first rubbed our hands together, we then did the same but with rubber gloves. After that we put some soap on top of your gloves and did the same. We noticed that there was a change in friction because of the surface type.

We had a lot of fun!

By Annabelle, Emily and Claudia in 4B