Year 5 Assembly

On Friday 22 November, Yr 5 had their assembly. The class was split into 4 groups: Term 1’s focus was movie making; Term 2′ focus was Macbeth; Term 3’s focus was about mission and environmental action and Term 4’s focus was about the epic story ‘The Odyssey’. 

Term 1 gave a summary of their movie experience and provided a short clip of their journey and some bloopers.

Term 2 provided a short play of a couple of scenes in Macbeth.

Term 3 presented a talk show about mission and the environment and did an awesome dance. 

Term 4 performed a couple of scenes from the book ‘The Odyssey’ and highlighted our word noticing learning. 

At the end the whole class performed a dance to the song ‘Better than Ever’.  The assembly showed just how talented and creative we are in Year 5.