Year 6 Camp

From 26-28 February, Year 6 went to camp at Narrabeen Sport and Rec centre for three days. There they had to overcome their fears and step out of their comfort zones.

When we got to camp, we had to build a raft out of barrels, ropes, crates and paddles. We had to work together to make a raft that would float from one side of the river to the other. Despite our efforts, not one of our rafts survived the journey. Luckily the water was not deep and we were safe in our life jackets.

We also completed other activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, group initiatives, high ropes and archery.

Written by Cienna and Josh

Camp Poem – By Sophie H

Crisp breeze

Dawn Breaking

Hurrying to breakfast

Flying fox

High in the air

Soaring over the grass

Sun glaring

Ducks drifting

Canoe slicing through the lake

Wind sighs

Wide open field

Laughter breaks the dusk’s silence

Star-strewn sky

Bush singing

Campfire spitting spark


The amazing adventures of Yr6 Camp 2020 – by Josh H

Brisk Morning

Sun Slightly Shining

As though a gorilla has awaken

Sweltering fire

Steaming Snags

Frosty shivering summer’s night

Instant Silence

Frozen Bodies

Not a whisper at all

High Above

Warm wind blows

Blood Pressure Rises High


Camp Poem by Nicole L

Shoes on

Warm breakfast

This was it, our last task at camp

Ropes course

Couldn’t wait

The excitement rushed through me

I was up

Heart pumping

There’s no going back now


It was over

But the devastation hit me

We were gone

Back at school

I could taste everyone’s sadness


Dawn to dusk by Millie S

Dawn begins

Sound of music

Light shimmers through the window

Harness on

The smiles come

Heading up into the unknown

Fire crackle

Smell of steak

Sun drifting away dusk creeping in

Silence comes

Day is done

I say goodbye to the light

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