Yr 2 Excursion & Incursion

Our Bridges Excursion

As we got on the bus I was so excited.  First we went to the Long Gully Bridge.  If you don’t know where that is, it is in Northbridge.  We walked along the bridge and looked at how it was made.  Next we went to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We walked along this bridge and we even went inside one of the pylons. By Carla D

We went on the bridges excursion the week before STEM Week.  We went on the Friday.  We went there because we are learning about bridges.  It was really windy.  It was so windy that my hat flew away two time!  But luckily I got it back.  We went to the Long Gully Bridge, The Sydney Harbour Bridge, ANZAC Bridge and we saw the old Pyrmont Bridge which is a swing bridge.  It was lots of fun. By Isabelle J


KAPLA Incursion

At our KAPLA incursion we built a truss bridge out of building blocks. No glue or nails! We did this for STEM so it could help us build our bridges out of popsticks! We did it last week and we made our bridges on Wednesday and Thursday for STEM Week. By Giselle S