Yr 4 Excursion: Willoughby Arts Centre

At St Thomas, we learn right up to the end of year. On Monday the Year 4 children walked up to the Workshop Arts Centre in Willoughby and were given masterclasses in watercolour and sculpture and drawing. The centre usually has over 600 budding adult artists take courses throughout the week, but with their programs over for the year they were happily able to accommodate our children.

Under the guidance of the knowledgeable and very amusing Richard Byrnes, the children were first given a quick lesson in drawing a human face, including proportions of the face and how to draw eyes, nose and mouth and hair. The second part was modelling a head in Clay. Richard taught (his catchy phrase throughout the session was ‘Have a look’) the children how to fabricate eyes, nose, lips and ears. In no time the busts created were worthy of attention.

Midway through the day the children swapped over to watercolour skills with the lesson being conducted by Rachel Carroll. Watercolours are one of the hardest mediums to master and mistakes can-not be fixed. Rachel demonstrated the main techniques in watercolour such as wet on wet, dry on dry, solid, graduated and dispersed. Many of the final works were stunning. Even Mr Dahdah was impressed with his bee, proving you are never too old to learn new tricks.

Howard Dahdah and Emily Williams