Yr 4 – Unlocking Our Future Journalists

Will the next Woodward or Bernstein be lurking in Year 4? Or possibly a Chris Masters or Kerry O’Brien?

This semester we are trying to unlock our award-winning journalists of the future in our news writing course that is part of our English program.

The children so far have been given lessons in who controls the media and how news works in the modern, digital age. They have a better appreciation of audience, left and right leaning publications and how the role of a good journalist is to cover all sides of a story.

After spending the first four weeks of term looking at this background and the structure of news writing, the children will now put this knowledge into practice with a range of stories about the goings-on in our school in the coming months.

The target audience are our parents through the school newsletter, and later in the term, the Art and Craft Show magazine.

This week’s story about the Year 2 choir performance for Book Week is the first of many. We will continue to refine the children’s writing as the term progresses. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the stories and the chuffed faces of the ‘journos’ who get their work published.

From the Year 4 Teachers