Yr 5 Short Story Competition

Year 5 were invited to compete in the  Willoughby City Council’s short stories competition 2018 along with numerous other schools in the area. The competition’s theme this year was trees, each school was given an animal that relied on trees. St Thomas’ was given the scribbly gum moth, an animal that relies on the scribbly gum trees to reproduce. All the children had to write and draw.

The students had over a couple of weeks to complete their entries until the closing date, 3rd of September. The chosen students went to the book launch on the 8th of November where they would have the short story published into a book.

Four St Thomas’ students out of the 38 were invited to the book launch for their stories, poems and artworks. Darby, Xanthe, Giacomo and Catherine got their entries featured in the 2018 wildlife book, ‘Tall trees tell tales’. All the students were given an award and three copies of the book to take home. The book will be in the school library along with the others from past years.