Faith & Mission


Our Catholic school is part of the Catholic Church. We are members of the Diocese of Broken Bay with Most Rev Anthony Randazzo as Bishop of Broken Bay. 

‘My sisters and brothers, we must recognise that our Catholic School community depends upon the vitality and curiosity of our young people; the fidelity and dedication of our parents; the wisdom and excellence of our teachers; and the service and leadership of our clergy. Catholic Education is the work and mission of the community of the Church. ‘ 

‘Lord, be the beginning and end of all we do and say.  Prompt our actions with your grace and complete them with your all-powerful help. ‘ 

Through Christ our Lord. AMEN 

Most Rev Anthony Randazzo  

Bishop of Broken Bay 

June 25, 2021 

We nurture faith in partnership with the Catholic Parish of the Lower North Shore Parish Priest Fr Jose Philip OSH and Assistant Priests to enrich the spiritual life of the students, staff and families by learning to love Jesus and live by His values. 

Parish Priest Fr Jose Philip OSH

St Thomas Catholic Primary School and our local church St Thomas strive to be a genuine Catholic community. Our patron saint is St Thomas the Apostle.  

St Thomas’ wonderful profession to Christ, “My Lord and my God,” is the clearest declaration of Jesus’ divinity in Holy Scripture. 


St Thomas Church

Corner Horsley Avenue and High Street

Willoughby NSW 2068

(02) 9958 8846