Co-curricular and Extra Curricular Activities

Families and students are offered the opportunity to participate in co-curricular and extra curricula activities which foster creativity and skill development. 

Sport (PDHPE – Physical Development, Health and Physical Education)

The PDHPE Key Learning Area is concerned with developing an active, healthy lifestyle; developing skills in inter-personal relationships positive values, attitudes, and beliefs; participating in regular physical activity, such as sport and dance.

“Zing Active” delivers the P.E. syllabus on a weekly basis. Classroom teachers then integrate this program into their weekly program.

In addition to the curricula Sport offered at St Thomas, Catholic Schools Broken Bay (CSBB) coordinates, organises and promotes sporting carnivals and trials for representative sport. This includes Soccer, Rugby league, Netball, Athletics, Touch Football and Cross Country. CSBB Sporting Pathways.

We have four colour houses at St. Thomas and each student will be welcomed into one when they start school. Siblings will usually belong to the same colour house.

MacKillop (Red): Mary MacKillop, also known as Saint Mary of the Cross, was an inspirational figure in Australian history. She played a pivotal role in Catholic education, co-founding the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and dedicating herself to providing accessible education to children from all backgrounds. As a school founded by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, we celebrate our heritage and charism.

Burley Griffin (Green): Walter Burley Griffin made a significant impact on the Willoughby area. In the early 20th century, Griffin designed a number of residences and landscapes in the Willoughby area, showcasing his unique architectural style and integration of natural surroundings. His contributions have left a lasting architectural and aesthetic influence, shaping the character of the Willoughby community.

Thomas (Yellow): Thomas, the Apostle, is our school’s patron saint. Initially, Thomas doubted Jesus’ resurrection and required physical evidence, making him the bravest of all apostles to ask the questions that no one else would. However, his doubt transformed into unwavering faith when he encountered the risen Christ, leading him to declare, “My Lord and my God.” Thomas’ story teaches us the importance of questioning, seeking truth, and finding spiritual growth through doubt.

Barangaroo (Blue): Barangaroo holds significant importance to Sydney as a whole, and especially to the land our school occupies, as she was a Cammeraygal woman. Named after an influential Aboriginal woman, Barangaroo celebrates and acknowledges the rich Indigenous heritage of the area.

Creative & Performing Arts 

St Thomas offers students the opportunity to participate in events nurturing skills in the creative and performing arts. 

Academic Enrichment 

Students have the opportunity to meet and work with experts in the community to enhance their academic learning. 

Extra Curricula 

Extra-curricular are additional opportunities offered before and after school 

  • Band/Musical Instruments 
  • Chess 
  • Debating 
  • Double Dutch Skipping 
  • Drama