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Catholic Schools Broken Bay (CSBB) Policies, Guidelines and Forms

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In order to develop in the children a proper respect for the rights of others, a high standard of conduct is expected and maintained at St Thomas’ Catholic School.

The School aims to create a happy learning environment through a consistent approach to discipline with the cooperation of students, parents and staff. Every effort is made to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of individuals are maintained. The school rules are continually reviewed by students and staff so that all children are familiar with them. ‘Bullying’ will not be tolerated.

Behaviour Management

Education is the process of helping each individual discover his or her own uniqueness, capacity and responsibility. Behaviour management at St Thomas’ is seen as guiding, leading, encouraging and demonstrating Christian behaviour, within a framework of Christian values. There is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. We each have rights and responsibilities.

Everyone has the right to be happy; to be safe; to be treated as an individual with respect; to communicate and be listened to; to learn without interruption; and to use and share resources and equipment.

Responsibility is when informed choices about behaviour are made and control of our actions is taken.

At St Thomas every person has a responsibility to: care for each other; encourage; help each other; listen; do their best; discuss; be respectful; be honest; work and play safely; share attention; co-operate; ask for help; have a go; share resources and equipment.

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