Our School


At St Thomas, we have dedicated staff who strive for excellence in providing students with an education based in the Catholic tradition. Our staff and teachers are there to provide positive support and guidance all the way.

Executive Staff

Jenny McKeown Principal
Peta Herschderfer Assistant Principal
Elizabeth Jones Religious Coordinator


Bernadette Grant Teacher Aide
Peter Marando KB
Carolyn Curtin KY
Jessica Mair 1B
Bridget Woods 1Y
Elizabeth Jones & Anne Ryan 2B
Anne Ryan & Renee Thielbeer 2Y
Rebecca Stuart 3B
Gail Hallinan & Peta Herschderfer 3Y
Emily Williams 4B
Howard Dahdah 4Y
Suzanne Nash 5B
Vanessa Murray 5Y
James Edwards 6

Specialist Teachers

Alison Dumitru Music/Band/Choir
Ellena McMurray Physical Education
Talin Ekmekjian Library/ICLT
Michelle Belle Italian
Lorraine Hall Special Needs Teacher
Maureen Thompson Library Assistant


Debi Orrick
Netty Heppard Burgess