Parents as Partners

Parents & Friends

The St Thomas’ P&F is a vibrant committee of parents involved in supporting and assisting the parents and school community.

The P&F is comprised of an Executive Committee – President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary – as well as co-ordinators for each Sub Committee:

The P&F Executive Committee’s main roles are-

  • develop and support social connections amongst parents;
  • raise funds for targeted needs; and
  • provide support to the principal in school matters.

General meetings are held regularly, as well as an Annual General Meeting. The General Meetings of the P&F often have a guest speaker who is an expert in an area of interest to the parents. Alternatively teachers provide information about special programs or initiatives run by the school.

P&F Members 2021 (personal contact details can be found in the P&F Handbook)

Executive Committee:

President – Jonathan Molloy

Vice President – Klaus Hahn & Katie Branson

Treasurer – James Killian

Secretary – Kirilly Conroy

Diocesan Parent Council Rep – Julie Adam-Smith

Sub Committees:

Uniform Shop – Charlotte Menzies & Grace Lee

Social Committee – Angela Dobbin & Toni Constance

Pastoral Care – Rebecca Nolan & Fiona Thistlewood

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